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Video Review

We are sure you agree with us – testimonials and word of mouth speaks to the quality of service you received from us.

Your education consultant will highly appreciate your effort to record a short 1-minute video in landscape mode. You may share how easy and simple your journey to study in Australia has been with the help of Brightannica and your education consultant.

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Please leave a 5-star review to your education consultant who helped make your study in Australia dream come true on all the following platforms. Simply copy and paste – really simple!

How to post a review on Google

  1. Click on the Google links above.
  2. Check that you are posting publicly.
  3. Click the number of stars (5 stars being the best).
  4. Write your recommendation.
  5. Click ‘Add photos’ to add your image (perhaps when you had a call with your education consultant?)
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How to post a review on Facebook

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Referral Reward

Your journey with us does not end here! We would be glad if you could refer us to your friends and family. As a token of gratitude, we will extend you an AUD100 reward for every student who successfully commences their studies in Australia!

Do remind them to quote your full name when they are contacting Brightannica for the first time.

The referral reward will be paid to you when the student has started their education in Australia.